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Presidents of the United States

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Must-Have Reference

Charles Hamilton’s American Autographs - Scarce, first edition set of the renowned autograph expertʼs premier two-volume American autograph reference set


Autographs from the Estate of Llewellyn E. Thompson, Jr.

click here to see this outstanding Cold War collection of letters and documents that has never before been offered for sale on the autograph market.  It contains letters from five American Presidents—Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Richard M. Nixon—as well as First Ladies Eleanor Roosevelt, Mamie Eisenhower, and Jacqueline Kennedy and others such as Robert F. Kennedy, Hubert H. Humphrey, Dean Rusk, and even Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin.


Presidents and First Ladies

James Monroe - exceptional condition land grant, engraved and printed by W. I. Stone, conveying land in Ohio, 4-9-1822, unframed

John Tyler - rare land document in which Tyler approves the transfer of land from a member of the Creek Indian tribe, 9-21-1841, unframed

Franklin Pierce - extraordinary autograph album  from the 33rd Congress containing the signatures of Pierce and other prominent mid-19th Century personalities, including Jefferson Davis and members of the Confederate government, Texas giants Sam Houston and Thomas Jefferson Rusk, Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase, and Union and Confederate generals

Andrew Johnson - album page signed and dated by Johnson ten days after he left the White House, 3-14-1869, unframed

Ulysses S. Grant - large signature of Grant from April 1885, less than three months before his death, unframed

Grover Cleveland - autograph letter signed, saying that he is “quite willing that my autograph should be found in such illustrious company,” 12-11-1899, unframed

Theodore Roosevelt - typed letter signed to famed New York social worker John Adams Kingsbury thanking him for a book, 7-12-1911, unframed

Theodore Roosevelt - exceptional content typed letter signed encouraging organization of the Progressive Party in Rhode Island, 4-10-1913, unframed

Woodrow Wilson - beautifully framed presidential appointment document for a District of Columbia judge, 10-16-1917

Ellen Axson Wilson - very rare, very fine condition autographed letter signed, unframed

Edith Bolling Wilson - autographed letter signed, mentioning difficulties of the Great Depression, the 1932 Democratic convention and Bernard Baruch 4-22-1932, unframed

Warren G. Harding - beautifully framed presidential appointment document for a District of Columbia judge, 9-12-1922

Herbert Hoover - very rare autographed letter signed to a friend about to depart for Europe, unframed

Herbert Hoover - outstanding signed speech in which Hoover warns students of the burden and the cost of defending liberty, unframed

Herbert Hoover - signature of Hoover on a Stanford University business card, unframed

Franklin D. Roosevelt - outstanding typed letter signed by FDR, seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, about “the present tragic economic condition” and the need  for “a return to sanity and stability” near the depth of the Great Depression, 5-6-1932, unframed

Franklin D. Roosevelt - eyeing reelection, Roosevelt sends thanks for the support of organized labor, a crucial part of the New Deal coalition, 4-20-1936, unframed

Franklin D. Roosevelt - rare and excellent World War II content typed letter signed, FDR’s first known letter following Pearl Harbor, mentioning his son Elliott’s assignment to “a bombing squadron on the West Coast,” 12-18-1941, unframed

Eleanor Roosevelt - signed The White House card, with original mailing envelope postmarked 7-3-1940, unframed

Eleanor Roosevelt - typed letter signed to an editor of The Atlantic Monthly regarding a proposed article, 12-14-1957, unframed

Harry S. Truman - 1959 letter with Trumanʼs classic signature in a stunning framed display

Harry S. Truman - President Truman awards the Legion of Merit to a British signal officer for his work with communications for the important Yalta Conference among Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin in February 1945, unframed

Harry S. Truman - extremely rare signed reproduction of the Chicago Daily Tribune’s 1948 election night front page boldly declaring dewey defeats truman, framed

Harry S. Truman - excellent content typed White House letter signed commemorating the anniversary of the Civil Service Act and presaging Trumanʼs controversial loyalty program, 1-4-1947, unframed

Harry S. Truman - rare set of three vintage matching The White House cards signed by Harry S. Truman, Bess W. Truman, and Margaret Truman, unframed

Harry S. Truman - excellent 11” x 13” formal portrait inscribed and signed to a relative, almost certainly as President, unframed

Bess Truman - very fine condition autograph letter signed, as First Lady, sending thanks for a gift, 9-17-1949, unframed

Bess Truman - rare set of three vintage matching The White House cards signed by Harry S. Truman, Bess W. Truman, and Margaret Truman, unframed

Bess Truman - excellent condition autographed letter signed to New York Post columnist Leonard Lyons, with original autograph envelope, unframed

Dwight D. Eisenhower - the former President exercises “a bit of discretion” in declining comment on the pending Foreign Assistance Act, 8-4-1961, unframed

Dwight D. Eisenhower - uncommon unsigned typed letter to New York Times correspondent Felix Belair saying that, after leaving the hospital, the former President would “again be on the firing line,” 10-28-1964, unframed

Mamie Doud Eisenhower - the First Lady asks Jane Thompson, the wife of Ambassador Thompson, to extend courtesies to famed ladies’ hat designer Sally Victor on her trip to Moscow, 4-16-1959, unframed

John F. Kennedy - the ultimate relic of the Cold War:  President Kennedy’s personalized gift, an engraved October 1962 calendar to commemorate the Cuban Missile Crisis, given to Ambassador Llewellyn “Tommy” Thompson, whose advice to the President enabled the peaceful resolution of the crisis, keeping the United States and the Soviet Union out of a full-scale nuclear war

John F. Kennedy - Heavily hand-corrected pages from JFKʼS reading copy of a 1953 Jefferson-Jackson Day speech, early evidence of his effort to make himself known nationwide and position himself to seek the White House, 5-14-1953, unframed

Lyndon B. Johnson - LBJ praises his wife, Lady Bird, his caretaker as he recovers from a major heart attack, 9-1-1955, unframed

Lyndon B. Johnson - Johnson, as Vice President, writes of the “full and difficult, but challenging” days of the Cuban Missile Crisis, 11-12-1962, unframed

Lyndon B. Johnson - beautifully signed cacheted Inauguration Day cover commemorating Johnson’s 1965 inaugural, postmarked at Washington, D.C., 1-20-1965, unframed

Lyndon B. Johnson - typed letter signed as ex-president, from his hospital in San Antonio, thanking a lady for get-well wishes, 3-9-1970, unframed

Lyndon B. Johnson - heartfelt letter to Jane Thompson, Ambassador Llewellyn Thompson’s widow, replying to her letter after Thompsonʼs death the previous month, 3-8-1972, unframed

Lady Bird Johnson - extra fine condition signed White House engraving with an inscription promoting her pet beautification projects, unframed

Richard M. Nixon - typed letter signed as Vice President attributing the “the important Republican victory in California” in the 1954 mid-term election to “grass roots campaigning,” 11-24-1954, unframed

Richard M. Nixon - signed photo of President Nixon at the height of his power, delivering his acceptance speech at the 1972 Republican National Convention

Richard M. Nixon - superb autograph note signed referring to his “long climb upward on the comeback trail,” 7-7-1979, unframed

Richard M. Nixon - autograph letter signed thanking a friend for a gift of California navel oranges, 3-21-1988, unframed

Richard M. Nixon - typed letter signed, with handwritten emendation, mentioning the first Gulf War and the 1991 economic recession, 1-28-91, unframed

Richard M. Nixon - publisher’s deluxe cloth signed edition of Nixon’s memoirs, RN, in the original slipcase, in near fine condition

Richard M. Nixon - first edition, first printing copy of Leaders, inscribed and signed to a friend, 1982

Richard M. Nixon and Julie Nixon Eisenhower - the former President sends a signed first edition copy of his daughterʼs book Special People (two pieces), 6-24-1977

Pat Nixon - autographed letter signed sending thanks for a Christmas ornament, unframed

Pat Nixon - official color White House photograph of President and Mrs. Nixon, inscribed and signed by the First Lady, with her accompanying typed cover letter on embossed White House stationery, 8-5-1971, unframed

Gerald R. Ford - White House letter in which the embattled President thanks the incoming Republican Party treasurer for taking on the task during the upcoming political season, 9-12-1975, unframed

Gerald R. Ford - scarce early campaign letter in which Ford, facing reelection, courts votes in a Democratic precinct that he previously lost 3 to 1, unframed

Gerald R. Ford - soon to be President himself, Ford writes of the relationship between the President and the Congress, 2-12-1973, unframed

Ronald Reagan - handwritten notes for a Reagan speech about voluntary income tax withholding, written as Governor of California, unframed

George H. W. Bush - official White House color portrait of Bush in the Oval Office, almost certainly signed as President, inscribed “Best wishes” to no one in particular, unframed

George H. W. Bush - ever the politician, the father takes the opportunity to promote the presidential candidacy of his son, George W. Bush, 12-6-1999, unframed

George H. W. Bush - the former President cleverly sends his autograph on his personal bookplate, incorporating the title of his book, All the Best, unframed

Bill Clinton - shortly after the appointment of Kenneth Starr as Independent Counsel to investigate the Clintons’ Whitewater dealings—the appointment that led to his impeachment—the President sends an upbeat letter to his Arkansas cousin predicting that “the end will bring us out all right,” 8-24-1994, unframed

Hillary Rodham Clinton - typed letter signed as First Lady of Arkansas supporting the AFS / Arkansas Visiting Teachers trip to Costa Rica, 10-18-1989, unframed


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