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Client Comments

We have been privileged to serve clients throughout the United States and around the world.  We work hard to give our them the quality, service, and advice that they want and deserve, and we solicit and value their feedback. 

Here, listed by state and country, are some of their actual comments about our dedication to our clients, our personal service, and the quality of both our autographs and our History In Ink Originals custom framing:


United States

Thank you for providing me with a great piece of history!

• California

“It’s been great doing business with you. If you need my reference for people in the future, I’ll be glad to give a good one.”

• California

I had lunch with my son Saturday.  He was surprised and very happy.  He liked the piece a lot.  I told him of some of our conversations about the framing, colors, etc.  He was impressed and appreciated the personal touches.  Thanks for everything.  If I need another ‘work of art’ I will definitely give you a call.”

• California

The picture has arrived and is totally beautiful.  Thank you for your work.  I am so happy with all of it.  Now I have to figure out where to hang it.  Cant keep something that beautiful hidden.

• California

I read the testimonies on you . . . you sound like the exact, go to person in your line of work.  I feel honored to have been able to do business with you.

• California

“I just want to say again how pleased I am with your service.”

• Delaware

“Boy, you really know your history!”

• Colorado

“Thank you for teaching me a good lesson.  Out of all the dealers in the antiques and collectibles world, you’ve shown me the most interest in your expert area.”

• District of Columbia

Just wanted to let you know:  Love your offerings!  Beautiful website as well. Your tips on identifying authentic autographs have been very helpful.  Your item descriptions and stories . . . are informative, entertaining and create a unique personal connection to your customers.  Any future additions I make to my collections will ALL be obtained from you.

• Florida

WOW!!!  You are THE best in autographs!  I hold you right up there with the late Mr. Hamilton . . . and youʼre also a real nice guy.

• Illinois

“Unbelievable!  The framing is magnificent.  I am very pleased.”

• Illinois

I am very appreciative of the time and effort that you have made. I can’t tell you how much that means to a person in this ‘online’ world where every thing seems so impersonal.

• Kentucky

“We realize how this sale is not a major one for you regarding your time and efforts but we do truly appreciate it.  No surprise how you are a member and listed with PADA.”

• Maine

I received the package this afternoon. . . . Thanks for the shipping insight and the extra care and attention to detail on the costs.  All are greatly appreciated. . . . I’m certain that we will continue to do business in the future.  I mutually enjoy our exchanges and discussions and also look forward to those in future.

• Maryland

WOW. Thank you so much for all of your work on this piece. It looks fantastic . . . I really like how the suede and gold fillet look with the floating!  I look forward to displaying it proudly!!!  I really enjoyed our conversations, and you have in me a customer for life!”

• Massachusetts

I am most grateful for the expertise and time that you directed my way. . . . If you need a reference or recommendation in the future, please feel free to call on me.  I would be pleased to provide a customer or potential customer with a very good report on the dedication, service, and advice that you have generously and honestly provided to me.”

• Massachusetts

After speaking with you over the phone, I realized just how much of a great choice I made in purchasing items of interest from you.  Other dealers could take a lesson or two from you.

• Michigan

“I never forgot your professionalism. You offer true credibility to serious collectors.  I really appreciate what you do.”

• Michigan

Only those who really care about this business will do what you have done . . . to go beyond the accepted norm and see to it that their customers are fully satisfied.  Hats off to you.

• Michigan

You have gone above and beyond and I so appreciate your advice, expertise and help!”

• Missouri

I dont think we could have done any better!  It was by far his favorite present! . . . Good job my friend!

• Missouri

I greatly appreciate everything you have done for me.  You’ve done a tremendous job on your authentications and your evaluations.  Also, you’ve gone well past the authentication services.   You’ve contributed superior insight into everything, and for that I am very appreciative.

• Missouri

“You, Sir, are the best at what you do, and I will always be a customer of yours.”

• Missouri

WOW!!! Man, this is gorgeous. The in progress photos in no way represented what a superb piece this is.  I love it.

• New Hampshire

Ive spent quite a bit of time poking on the web, but kept coming back to your site.  Im glad I did.

• New Hampshire

Just a note to say how impressed I am with the Grant piece.  The framing is superb.

• New Jersey

It is always a pleasure to work with someone who exhibits a high degree of professionalism and competency.

• New Jersey

“A ‘showstopper.’  The comments are unbelievable. . . . Beautiful. . . . You outdid yourself.  That is a magnificent piece.”

• New Jersey

You are such a special person and I have appreciated your guidance and care very much in making this unique gift happen.

• New York

Once again thank you for the wonderful piece. . . . I look forward to doing business in the future.  Thanks for being so accommodating.

• New York

You are a wonderful resource and I hope one day I have the opportunity and pleasure of spending some quality time discussing history withand learning all that I can fromyou.

• New York

“Its truly spectacular.  For me, a collection centerpiece.  Ill very much enjoy owning this treasure, especially since I am so comfortable with the fact that I purchased it from you.  Many, many thanks.

• New York

“Thank you for your thoughtful, informed and illuminating email.  Aspects of what you wrote I knew but you have filled in many blanks, while enhancing my appreciation of the idiosyncrasies of Nixonʼs signatures.  I really appreciate your sharing your broad-based knowledge with me.  I look forward to continuing to work with you in the years ahead.

• New York

Youʼve been . . . a great friend and mentor to me.

• New York

“Words become insufficient to thank you for the Kennedy education you have given me. . . . The thoughtfulness, thoroughness, and reasonableness were all beyond my expectations but enabled me to understand the complexities of the authenticity of a Kennedy document which became very clear to me, for all of which I thank you.

• New York

 “Got it!  Drop-dead gorgeous!!  Thanks so much.  It will be cherished for years to come. . . . Thank you for your impeccable attention to detail and taste!”

• North Carolina

I feel that you are very professional and that makes me secure in doing business with you.

• Ohio

Wow!  I am impressed by your knowledge, and truly appreciate your help. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my letter.  You are very kind.

• Ohio

He LOVED it.  It was a huge hit.  Thank you . . . for all of your assistance.  I hope to deal with you again!

• Pennsylvania

I ordered an autographed letter and an autographed Supreme Court card. Both items were exactly as described.  They were also framed extremely well.  A very professional job all the way around.

• Pennsylvania

I . . . respect your opinion because I know it comes from an honest individual who wishes to be absolutely certain with respect to authenticity.”

• Pennsylvania

“Just received the package . . . . I love the photo. You certainly were right about the quality. And the . . . letter is terrific, as well. . . . I’ll continue to check your web site and look forward to a long-term relationship.

• Pennsylvania

“I always enjoy our conversations—it’s great to talk with someone with such a passion for, and knowledge about, history.”

• Pennsylvania

Wow!! That is a gorgeous piece of framing. Very much worth the wait!

• Texas

I can tell that you are a man who loves his work and his business. Thank you for your quick and thorough reply.

• Vermont

Your work is just immaculate.  This is the gold standard if Iʼve ever seen it.

• Washington


Around the World

I would like to say that you have been by far the best dealer I have done business with in the years I have collected.  Not only are you very professional, but you have been very friendly.  I have dealt with some dealers in the past who have been extremely impersonal and you could even say rude.  But you have been terrific and I can guarantee that I will do business with you again.

• Australia

“The gift was very well received and well worth the trouble it took to land it on our shores.  The presentation was magnificent and it arrived in pristine condition without a mark on it.  Many thanks.”

• Australia

It has arrived safe and sound!  Thank you so much.  I love it.  It has been a pleasure to deal with you.”

• Australia

“You were recommended to me by a friend of mine.  He told me that you are a very good dealer and that you can be trusted.  So I hope we can do some more business in the future together.”

• Belgium

I told my wife, . . . from the first time that you answered me, that you were different, professional, classy, and I was right . . . [S]ome do not bother helping but you did, THANK YOU.”

• Canada

I actually stumbled on the piece and your website quite by accident while doing a random Google search. What a fantastic play of fortune and find that turned out to be!

• England

“Will look forward to seeing the document.  I’m positive I’ll be extremely pleased as with everything you have sold me.  All your items are the best I have purchased over the years, and I look forward to more in the future.”

• England

“Throughout the whole process I have been very impressed with the excellent way you have conducted the sale and I’ll certainly be making more purchases.”

• England

Many thanks for your kind observations.  I thought the same as you on the signature . . . . I always take note of your expert advice . . . .

• England

“Wonderful workI like it very much.  Fantastic!”

• Germany

“It looks super, much better yet than in the photogreat framing!  Many thanks!”

• Germany

“It was my German collector friend . . . who told me about you and your company.  Here is what he wrote to me:  ‘I know the owner of History In Ink, Rick Schnake, very well and in my opinion he is the best autograph dealer in the world.  A lawyer and very, very correct with everything.’”

• Norway

“I am happy that I had the right intention: You are the person to whom I could send the letter!  . . .  The little I could read in the Internet about you, and then receiving your friendly and profound letters, I got more and more convinced.  So now I send you the second letter, which I intend to sell.”

• Switzerland


We are always interested in buying quality autographs.  See Selling Your Autographs.

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