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Supreme Court of the United States

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The Justice Tom C. Clark Collection

We are privileged to offer the personal autograph collection of Supreme Court Justice Tom C. Clark.  Justice Clark served as Attorney General of the United States from 1945 to 1949, when President Harry S. Truman appointed him as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.  Shortly after he arrived at the Court, Justice Clark began assembling a collection of autographs of Supreme Court Justices that included those of his colleagues and extended back into the 19th Century. The collection includes personal letters that Justice Clark received from other Justices, including those congratulating him on his appointment to the Court, and internal Supreme Court memoranda among the Justices—material that is extremely rare on the autograph market.  None of this material has ever been offered for sale before:

Harold H. Burton and Tom C. Clark - extraordinarily rare internal memorandum from Justice Burton to Justice Clark, asking him to cast Burton’s vote on a loyalty case during the era of McCarthyism, April 1951, with Clark’s autographed note of explanation, unframed

Tom C. Clark and Stanley F. Reed - rare internal correspondence between the Justices regarding a 1951 case—an autograph note by Clark and an autograph note signed by Reed, unframed

Charles Evans Hughes - autograph note signed by Hughes, on his personal calling card, asking the marshal to seat friends in the courtroom, unframed

Joseph R. Lamar - scarce fountain pen signature of Justice Lamar, from the personal collection of Justice Tom C. Clark, unframed

James C. McReynolds - autograph note directing the Supreme Court marshal to take care of friends, unframed

James C. McReynolds - fine signature of Justice McReynolds clipped from a letter, unframed

Mahlon Pitney - scarce Court-date signature clipped from a letter, unframed

Stanley F. Reed - superb autograph letter signed to Tom C. Clark congratulating him on his appointment as an Associate Justice, 8-1-1949, unframed

Willis Van Devanter - official Supreme Court certification attesting to the genuineness of the clerk’s signature on a document, 6-9-1933, unframed

Fred M. Vinson - typed letter signed from the Chief Justice thanking Justice Tom C. Clark for a “novel” birthday gift, 1-27-1950, unframed

Fred M. Vinson - typed letter signed by the Chief Justice to Justice and Mrs. Tom C. Clark, thanking them for a Christmas gift, 1-4-1950, unframed



The Entire Court

United States Supreme Court, 1954 - complete set of engraved Supreme Court cards signed by the Justices of the Warren Court who unanimously decided Brown v. Board of Education, the landmark school desegregation case, in 1954, unframed


Chief Justices

Oliver Ellsworth (and Jesse Root) - excellent association autograph document signed authorizing reimbursement to Root for volunteer soldiers’ wages two days after Washingtonʼs surprise victory at Trenton, New Jersey, 12-28-1776, unframed

Oliver Ellsworth and Lt. David Smith - Connecticut pay warrant with excellent Revolutionary War content referring to service at Peekskill, New York, and signed by both Ellsworth and the soldier, 8-5-1777, unframed

Oliver Ellsworth - outstanding association autograph document signed, a warrant to pay a seven-year veteran Connecticut soldier who served in several important campaigns, including the Siege of Yorktown, 5-18-1778, unframed

Oliver Ellsworth - Revolutionary War-dated Connecticut pay warrant authorizing payment to a doctor for treating a sick soldier, 5-16-1777, unframed

Roger Brooke Taney - early partially printed autograph document signed in which Taney, as a young lawyer, files suit to collect a debt owed to his client, circa 1807, unframed

Salmon P. Chase - Mathew Brady carte de visite of Chase likely signed as Chief Justice of the United States, unframed

Salmon P. Chase - autograph letter signed in which the Chief Justice sends “real regret that I found myself obliged to remain in Wash[ington],” perhaps because of the impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson, 6-24-1868, unframed

Melville W. Fuller - poignant black-bordered letter in which the Chief Justice sends thanks for condolences on the death of his wife, 9-20-1904, unframed

Harlan Fiske Stone - an unusual item for a Supreme Court Justice—Stone inscribes “Yours for Victory” along with his signature, an obvious nod to American participation in World War II, but a statement that might give the appearance of partisanship, ca. 1941–1945, unframed

Fred M. Vinson - personal check, signed as Chief Justice, to pay his wife’s department store account, 3-15-1950, unframed

Warren E. Burger - the Chief Justice challenges Harvard law students to surpass their colleagues while congratulating them upon establishment of a Phi Alpha Delta law fraternity chapter at Harvard, 11-10-1981, unframed

William H. Rehnquist - typed letter signed in which Rehnquist, in his first year as Chief Justice, grants conditional permission to publish an abridged version of his speech at Indiana University School of Law, 5-20-1987, unframed


Associate Justices

Harry A. Blackmun - Justice Blackmun recounts his experiences with scouting, concluding, “We need so much of this kind of thing these days,” 3-17-1981, unframed

Louis D. Brandeis - large manila envelope hand addressed by Justice Brandeis to send a signed photograph (not present), 12-27-1937, unframed

William J. Brennan, Jr. - extremely nice 8” x 10” embossed panel portrait of Justice Brennan seated at his desk, unframed

William J. Brennan, Jr. - typed letter signed in which Justice Brennan agrees to arrange for a fully-signed Supreme Court photo, 1-5-1973, unframed

Harold H. Burton - nice inscribed, signed photograph of Burton dated a month into his term as Senator from Ohio, unframed

James F. Byrnes - scarce signed photograph of Byrnes, as governor of South Carolina, unframed

Tom C. Clark - typed letter signed, with three-line holograph postscript, identifying possible Washington, D.C., leaders for the American Judicature Society’s annual membership drive,4-17-1968, unframed

William O. Douglas - 8” x 10” black-and-white photo of Douglas signed, but not inscribed, beneath the image, unframed

William O. Douglas - Douglas sends thanks for comments on his extraordinary foreign policy speech about China, the Soviet Union, and India, 4-28-1955, unframed

Stephen J. Field - exceptional cabinet card portrait of Justice Field, President Abraham Lincoln’s longest-serving appointee, unframed

Felix Frankfurter - superb, scarce large-format portrait of Justice Frankfurter by Harris & Ewing, inscribed generically and signed, 5-19-1950, unframed

Ruth Bader Ginsburg - signed photograph of Justice Ginsburg taken early in her tenure on the Supreme Court, unframed

John Marshall Harlan (1899–1971) - infrequently found typed letter signed by the leader of the Warren Court’s conservatives, 9-23-1961, unframed

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. - handwritten letter by Justice Holmes on Supreme Court stationery sending his autograph, 3-17-1927, unframed

Ward Hunt - very scarce autograph letter signed in which Hunt, then a New York state appeals commissioner, questions why he received ten copies the state statutes, 12-29-1871, unframed

Howell E. Jackson - extremely rare handwritten letter—one of only three we have found—sending his regrets for his inability to obtain a job appointment for a friend’s son, 12-7-1885, unframed

Howell E. Jackson - beautiful, scarce signature of Justice Jackson, as Senator from Tennessee, hand dated on an album page, 8-1-1882, unframed

John McLean - on the cusp of the Civil War, the anti-slavery Supreme Court Justice replies to a Massachusetts lawyer, 5-7-1860, unframed

Sherman Minton - superb name-dropping autographed letter signed, as United States Senator, regaling a former colleague with tales of the Senate, 4-25-1939, unframed

Sherman Minton - autographed letter signed regarding a Christmas gift, 12-14-1939, unframed

Frank Murphy - nice bust portrait of Murphy, taken as Associate Justice, inscribed and signed to noted manuscript collector King V. Hostick, unframed

Sandra Day O’Connor - copy of Justice O’Connor’s first opinion for the Supreme Court, signed with a huge 5½” full signature, unframed

Owen J. Roberts - nice Supreme Court card signed by the FDR appointee, unframed

Sonia Sotomayor - beautiful typed letter signed by the first Hispanic and Latina Justice, expressing how she is “moved by the chord my life experiences have struck in so many,” 12-11-2014, unframed

John Paul Stevens - pristine chambers card, boldly signed in blue

Byron R. White - formal portrait photograph inscribed and signed to a Supreme Court police officer, matted


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