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Oliver Ellsworth

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Revolutionary War-dated authorization for payment to a doctor

“for necessaries in sickness to a Connecticut soldier”

Oliver Ellsworth, 1745–1807.  Drafter of the United States Constitution; 3rd Chief Justice of the United States, 1796–1800.  Manuscript Document Signed, O Ellsworth, one page (recto and verso), 8½” x 5½”, Hartford, [Connecticut], May 16, 1777.

In this Revolutionary War-dated pay warrant, Ellsworth, as a member of the Connecticut Committee of the Pay Table, authorizes payment of £2, 1 sh., to John Henick, “by the hand of Doct. Jaz Fitch . . . for necessaries in sickness to a Connecticut soldier.”  Jabez Fitch, himself a physician, has signed on the back to acknowledge receipt of payment on behalf of Henick. 

Ellsworth’s signature is partially affected by a vertical cancellation signature.  The piece is irregularly trimmed, with a couple of stais, slight bleed-through of writing from the back, and minor edge chipping.  Overall it is in fine condition.


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