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Niemöller, Pastor Martin - autographed letter signed on a postcard by the German anti-Nazi dissident sending birthday greetings to a friend, 6-15-1976, unframed

Nimitz, Chester W. - autograph letter signed by the American Fleet Admiral mentioning “those busy days at Pearl Harbor” during World War II, 1-13-1952, unframed

Nixon, Pat - official color White House photograph of President and Mrs. Nixon, inscribed and signed by the First Lady, with her accompanying typed cover letter on embossed White House stationery, 8-5-1971, unframed

Nixon, Pat - autograph letter signed sending thanks for a Christmas ornament, unframed

Nixon, Richard M. - signed photo of President Nixon at the height of his power, delivering his acceptance speech at the 1972 Republican National Convention

Nixon, Richard M. - typed letter signed as Vice President attributing the “the important Republican victory in California” in the 1954 mid-term election to “grass roots campaigning,” 11-24-1954, unframed

Nixon, Richard M., and Julie Nixon Eisenhower - the former President sends a signed first edition copy of his daughter’s book Special People (two pieces), 6-24-1977

Nixon, Richard M. - superb autograph note signed referring to his “long climb upward on the comeback trail,” 7-7-1979

Nixon, Richard M. - autograph letter signed thanking a friend for a gift of California navel oranges, 3-21-1988, unframed

Nixon, Richard M. - typed letter signed, with handwritten emendation, mentioning the first Gulf War and the 1991 economic recession, 1-28-91, unframed

Nixon, Richard M. - publisher’s deluxe cloth signed edition of Nixon’s memoirs, RN, in the original slipcase, in near fine condition

Nixon, Richard M. - first edition, first printing copy of Leaders, inscribed and signed to a friend, 1982



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Pauncefote, Sir Julian - bold signature and title of the noted diplomat, Britain’s first ambassador to the United States, 1895

Peary, Robert E. - typed letter signed by the polar explorer sending congratulations and thanks to a colleague, 12-7-1906, unframed

Pepper, Claude - heartfelt typed letter signed sending condolences to the son upon the death of a former Senate colleague, 10-24-1940, unframed

Pierce, Franklin - extraordinary autograph album from the 33rd Congress containing the signatures of Pierce and other prominent mid-19th Century personalities, including Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase, Jefferson Davis and members of the Confederate government, Texas giants Sam Houston and Thomas Jefferson Rusk, and Union and Confederate generals

Pitney, Mahlon - scarce Court-date signature clipped from a letter, unframed

Pooley, Robert - outstanding autograph letter signed by the American consular official, a native of St. Helena, regarding the exhumation of Napoleon Bonaparte’s body in 1821 for its return to France, 12-16-1895, unframed

Porter, Katherine Anne - exceptional typed letter signed to her publisher sending a portion of the manuscript for her novel Ship of Fools and confiding the pressures of finances and exhaustion as she struggles to finish it. 11-13-1958, unframed

Pound, Ezra - vitriolic typed letter signed to the director of the Atlantic Monthly Press seeking publication of two of his Cantos, 12-14-1957, unframed

Portillo, José López - excellent Hispanic-content display featuring a White House luncheon menu signed in person by President Ronald Reagan, Mexican President Portillo, and others, framed

Powell, Colin - beautiful cacheted first day cover honoring President Dwight D. Eisenhower, signed by Powell in black

Price, Sterling - court affidavit boldly signed by the future Confederate general 2-27-1841

Provost, Jon - very fine condition dual-signed photo of Provost as Timmy, with his co-star, Lassie, unframed



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Ray, James Earl - signed photograph of the Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary laundry, where he worked, with an autograph cover note on a card, 12-15-1988, unframed

Ray, James Earl - autograph letter signed from Brushy Mountain prison referring to publishing a revised paperback edition of his book Tennessee Waltz: The Making of a Political Prisoner, 1-15-1991, unframed

Ray, James Earl - typed letter signed by the convicted assassin of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., referring to his British mock trial, and sending a signed mugshot, 9-21-1992 – two pieces, unframed

Ray, James Earl - typed letter signed, discussing lawsuits against Loyd Jowers, who confessed to a conspiracy to assassinate Martin Luther King, Jr., and against an author and publisher of a book about mafioso Carlos Marcello that tied Marcello and Ray to the King murder, 11-16-1994, unframed

Ray, James Earl - autograph letter signed mentioning “efforts to have the Congress de-classify the Congress investigation of the Mlk case,” 3-30-1995, unframed

Ray, James Earl - autograph letter signed sending a newspaper clipping with a photo of Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary, where he was housed, and referring to a book about the King assassination, 9-28-1995, unframed

Ray, James Earl - autograph letter signed mentioning that a lawyer would “be here next week to see if he can rep. me in the MLK classified records matter,” 3-18-1996, unframed

Rayburn, Sam - excellent World War II-dated letter in which the powerful Speaker of the House writes of the “marvelous and almost amazing” war production, 6-7-1943, unframed

Reagan, Ronald - handwritten notes for a Reagan speech about voluntary income tax withholding, written as Governor of California, unframed

Reed, Stanley F. - superb autographed letter signed to Tom C. Clark congratulating him on his appointment as an Associate Justice, 8-1-1949, unframed

Reed, Stanley F. and Tom C. Clark - rare internal correspondence between the Justices regarding a 1951 case—an autograph note by Clark and an autograph note signed by Reed, unframed

Rehnquist, William H. - virtually pristine engraved Supreme Court card, boldly signed in black, unframed

Roberts, Owen J. - nice Supreme Court card signed by the FDR appointee, unframed

Romulo, Carlos P. - typed letter signed 1-15-1959

Roosevelt, Eleanor - typed letter signed to an editor of The Atlantic Monthly regarding a proposed article, 12-14-1957, unframed

Roosevelt, Franklin D. - outstanding typed letter signed by FDR, seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, about “the present tragic economic condition” and the need  for “a return to sanity and stability” near the depth of the Great Depression, 5-6-1932, unframed

Roosevelt, Franklin D. - the President-Elect, anxious to talk with famed social work leader John Adams Kingsbury, complains that “every minute of my time is taken until I leave for the South,” 1-7-1933, unframed

Roosevelt, Franklin D. - rare and excellent World War II content typed letter signed, FDR’s first known letter following Pearl Harbor, mentioning his son Elliott’s assignment to “a bombing squadron on the West Coast,” 12-18-1941, unframed

Roosevelt, Theodore - typed letter signed to famed New York social worker John Adams Kingsbury thanking him for a book, 7-12-1911, unframed

Roosevelt, Theodore - typed letter signed to famed New York social worker John Adams Kingsbury suggesting another luncheon with social workers, 12-21-1911, unframed

Roosevelt, Theodore - exceptional content typed letter signed encouraging organization of the Progressive Party in Rhode Island 4-10-1913

Root, Elihu - typed letter signed by the former Secretary of State referring to “the very interesting subject of the Soviet experiment,” 5-20-1929, unframed

Root, Jesse, and Oliver Ellsworth - excellent association autograph document signed authorizing reimbursement to Root for volunteer soldiers’ wages two days after Washington’s surprise victory at Trenton, New Jersey, 12-28-1776, unframed

Ross, George - partially holograph legal document in which the Signer of the Declaration of Independence, as the attorney for the plaintiff, brings suit to collect on a promissory note, 6-25-1754, unframed

Rusk, Dean - the former Secretary of State writes of Ambassador Llewellyn Thompson’s “crucial behind the scenes” role during the Cuban Missile Crisis, 11-16-1987, unframed



Schlesinger, Arthur M., Jr. - typed letter signed from the Harvard historian and presidential aide seeking donation of Ambassador Llewellyn Thompson’s papers to the JFK Library, 2-6-1964, unframed

Seward, William H. - historically superb letter by which Seward sends vital certified copies of documents for use as exhibits in the trial of the Lincoln assassination conspirators, 6-13-1865, unframed

Sherman, John - autograph letter signed by the famed Ohio Senator and two-time presidential cabinet member sending his autograph, 1-14-1895, unframed

Sherman, Roger - autograph judicial order signed by Sherman, the only person who signed all four major American founding documents, including the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, 5-9-1786, unframed

Sickles, Daniel E. - beautiful handwritten letter by Sickles, as the American Minister to Spain, to famed New York socialite Anne Lynch Botta, 4-14-1871, unframed

Sinclair, Upton - typed letter signed to his friend and critic, Melville Kress, sending a gift for suggesting the opening chapter of his fourth Lanny Budd novel, Wide is the Gate, 3-16-1942, unframed

von Schuschnigg, Kurt - scarce signed postcard photograph of the Austrian chancellor who opposed Hitler’s takeover of Austria, unframed

Sotomayor, Sonia - beautiful typed letter signed by the first Hispanic and Latina Supreme Court Justice, expressing how she is “moved by the chord my life experiences have struck in so many,” 12-11-2014, unframed

Speer, Albert - Hitler’s chief architect and Nazi Reich Minister of Armaments sends thanks for reviews likely of his first book, Inside the Third Reich, 3-24-1971, unframed

Stone, Harlan Fiske - virtually pristine signed Supreme Court card, unframed

Sutherland, George - bold sentiment and signature from the closing of a letter by Sutherland, who led the conservative opposition to the New Deal, unframed



Thompson, Maurice - autograph quotation signed by the 19th century poet and fiction writer, a variation of a verse in his popular poem “A Prelude,” 10-23-1895, unframed

Tibbets, Paul W. - signed photograph of the pilot of the Enola Gay standing before the plane that dropped the world’s first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, unframed

Truman, Bess - excellent condition autograph letter signed to New York Post columnist Leonard Lyons, with original autograph envelope, unframed

Truman, Bess - very fine condition autograph letter signed, as First Lady, sending thanks for a gift, 9-17-1949, unframed

Truman, Harry S. - beautiful formal portrait of a relaxed and confident Truman, undoubtedly signed as President, unframed

Truman, Harry S. - 1959 letter with Truman’s classic signature in a stunning framed display

Truman, Harry S. - President Truman awards the Legion of Merit to a British signal officer for his work with communications for the important Yalta Conference among Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin in February 1945, unframed

Truman, Harry S. - extremely rare signed reproduction of the Chicago Daily Tribune’s 1948 election night front page boldly declaring dewey defeats truman, framed

Truman, Harry S. - excellent content typed White House letter signed commemorating the anniversary of the Civil Service Act and presaging Truman’s controversial loyalty program, 1-4-1947, unframed

Truman, Harry S. - rare set of three vintage matching The White House cards signed by Harry S. Truman, Bess W. Truman, and Margaret Truman, unframed

Truman, Harry S. - excellent 11” x 13½” formal portrait inscribed and signed to a relative, almost certainly as President, unframed

Truman, Harry S. - first edition, first printing copy of Mr. President with uncommon inscription and signature to one of Truman’s relatives

Truman, Harry S. - formal portrait of Truman, later used for the 8¢ memorial stamp, inscribed and signed to a man Truman met in a cafe in Independence, Missouri, 5-18-1965, unframed

Tyler, John - rare land document in which Tyler approves the transfer of land from a member of the Creek Indian tribe, 9-21-1841, unframed



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Van Devanter, Willis - official Supreme Court certification by Justice Van Devanter attesting to the genuineness of the clerk’s signature on a document, 6-9-1933, unframed

Veeck, Bill - typed letter signed on stationery of the St. Louis Browns 6-17-1952

Vinson, Fred M. - typed letter signed 4-29-1949, with original envelope, unframed

Vinson, Fred M. - typed letter signed by the Chief Justice thanking Justice Tom C. Clark for a “novel” birthday gift, 1-27-1950, unframed

Vinson, Fred M. - personal check, signed as Chief Justice, to pay his wife’s department store account, 3-15-1950, unframed

Vinson, Fred M. - typed letter signed by the Chief Justice to Justice and Mrs. Tom C. Clark, thanking them for a Christmas gift, 1-4-1950, unframed

von Braun, Wernher, and Emil Hillebrand - von Braun’s book The Mars Project inscribed and signed by von Braun to Hillebrand, a member of his rocket development team, with eight pages of handwritten calculations by Hillebrand

von Schuschnigg, Kurt - scarce signed postcard photograph of the Austrian chancellor who opposed Hitler’s takeover of Austria, unframed



Wallace, George C. - extra fine condition 8” x 10” color photograph of Wallace, inscribed and signed as Governor of Alabama, unframed

Washington, Booker T. - typed letter signed to Dr. J. L. M. Curry, agent for the Slater Fund, which promoted African-American education in the post-Civil War South, expressing his “love for you and faith in you,” 11-12-1901, unframed

Westmoreland, William C. - outstanding signed 8“ x 10” formal color bust portrait of General Westmoreland, in his four-star uniform, unframed

White, Byron R. - formal portrait photograph inscribed and signed to a Supreme Court police officer, matted

Wilder, Laura Ingalls - extraordinary set of signed Little House books that belonged to neighbors of Laura Ingalls Wilder, offered either as a set or individually

Wilder, Laura Ingalls - an affordable alternative to a signed book:  a copy of Farmer Boy, with Wilder’s signature tipped in

Willard, Frances E. - autograph quotation signed by Willard, with cover letter by Anna Adams Gordon, the second and fourth presidents of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union, 3-21-1895, unframed

Williams, William - extremely early autograph document by the Signer of the Declaration of Independence, signed as the town clerk of Lebanon, Connecticut, to note the recording of a deed, 2-20-1753, unframed

Wilson, Edith Bolling - autograph letter signed, mentioning difficulties of the Great Depression, the 1932 Democratic convention and Bernard Baruch 4-22-1932

Wilson, Ellen Axson - very rare, very fine condition autograph letter signed

Wilson, Woodrow - beautifully framed presidential appointment document for a District of Columbia judge, 10-16-1917

Windsor, Duke of - King Edward VIII - bold handwritten sentiment signed and dated by the former King in April 1951, when he released his memoir, A King’s Story, unframed

Wood, Leonard - very scarce handwritten letter by General Wood, who with Theodore Roosevelt formed the “Rough Riders,” referring to the yellow fever outbreak in Cuba during the Spanish-American war, 10-18-1899, unframed

Wolff, Karl - typed letter signed in which Wolff conveys a tightly-controlled confidential note from Heinrich Himmler about the divorce of an important Nazi SS officer, 3-3-1943, unframed

Worden, Al - inscribed, signed portrait photograph

Wright, Frank Lloyd - autograph letter signed on a postcard, signed with both Wright’s full signature and his initials, to the manager of the Arizona Biltmore resort in Phoenix, circa 1951-1952, unframed



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