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Richard M. Nixon

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Signed photograph of President Nixon at the height of his power—

delivering his acceptance speech at the 1972 Republican National Convention

Richard Milhous Nixon, 1913–1994.  37th President of the United States.  5¼” x 9¼” candid black-and-white photograph signed, Richard Nixon.

This photograph, taken at the 1972 Republican National Convention in Miami Beach, Florida, shows Nixon at the height of his power.  He delivers his acceptance speech behind the podium emblazoned with a huge presidential seal surrounded by an even larger circle of 54 silver stars. 

The size of the seal signals the power that Nixon possessed in 1972.  Nixon defeated Senator George McGovern in a landslide.  He won 49 of the 50 states—including McGovern’s home state of South Dakota.  McGovern won only Massachusetts and the District of Columbia. 

Nixon received 47,168,710 popular votes, or 60.7%, to McGovern’s 29,173,222, or 37.5%.  His landslide was even greater in the electoral college.  He captured 520 electoral votes to McGovern’s 17 and thus won 96.65% of the electoral vote.  In modern American history, only Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was reelected with 98.49% of the electoral votes in 1936, and Ronald Reagan, who was reelected with 97.58% of the electoral votes in 1984, won by bigger electoral vote margins. 

This photo evidently was taken by a staff member of the Glasgow, Kentucky, Daily Times.  The photographer’s name and address are written in brown felt tip on the back. 

Nixon has signed this photo boldly in blue fountain pen across the top of the podium.  The photo is an odd size, but evidently intentionally so.  There is a bit of brushing to three letters of Nixon’s signature, likely from Nixon’s own hand.  The photo is in fine condition.

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