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Carlos P. Romulo

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" . . . it gave me one of my happiest moments to have my family with me, from near and far

Carlos Pena Romulo,18991985.  Philippine statesman and writer.  Typed Letter Signed, Carlos P. Romulo, one page, 5½" x 7½", on gold- and blind-embossed stationery of the Embassy of the Philippines, January 15, 1959. 

Romulo writes to thank Arthur Clarendon Smith, the president of the Washington, D.C., Democratic Club in the 1950's and 1960's, for his comments on Romulo's television appearance.  "I am grateful to you for your thoughtfulness in writing to me about This Is Your Life program.  It did not only bring back memories of the past but it gave me one of my happiest moments to have my family with me, from near and far, which was indeed a heartwarming experience.

Romulo was an aide-de-camp to General Douglas MacArthur and later a brigadier general during World War II.  He was a founder of the United Nations, serving as president of the General Assembly in 1949 and later as president of the Security Council in 1957.  He was the Philippine Secretary of Foreign Affairs (1950–1952, 1968–1978), foreign minister (1978–1984), and ambassador to the United States (1952–1953, 1955–1962).  An author of several bestsellers in the Philippines and the United States, he won a Pulitzer Prize in 1942.  His works include I Saw the Fall of the Philippines (1942), I See the Philippines Rise (1946), Crusade in Asia (1955), The Meaning of Bandung (1956), and his autobiography, I Walked with Heroes (1961).

The letter has one normal mailing fold and small stains in the lower left and right corners well away from the text and signature.  It also has the notation "General Romolo" [sic] at the bottom in another hand.  Overall the letter is in fine condition.







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