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Very fine signed photograph of President and Mrs. Ford

Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr., born Leslie Lynch King, Jr., 1913–2006, and Elizabeth Anne Bloomer Ford, known as Betty Ford, 1918–2011, respectively 38th President of the United States and First Lady of the United States, 19741977.  Glossy 8” x 10” color photograph signed Gerald Ford and Betty Ford.

This is a beautiful photo of the Fords seated together at home, holding hands.  They have signed the photo in blue felt-tip pen above their respective images. 

The Fords were married October 15, 1948, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the happiness that is evident in this photo shows how deeply they were in love with each other.  Their marriage lasted more than 58 years until President Ford died in December 2006, at age 93.  Mrs. Ford would also die at age 93 five years later.

Gerald Ford, the first appointed Vice President, acceded to the presidency upon the resignation of President Richard Nixon in 1974.  He thus became, and remains, the only President who was not elected as either President or Vice President.  As President, Ford was saddled with a bad economy, and his controversial pardon of Nixon largely led to his defeat by former Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter for the presidency in 1976.

Betty Ford was a very popular First Lady known for her outspoken positions on issues such as feminism and women’s rights, sex, drugs, abortion, and gun control.  She raised awareness of alcoholism and substance abuse when she publicly acknowledged her difficulties with addiction, and she raised breast cancer awareness following a mastectomy in 1974.  After the Fords left the White House, she founded the Betty Ford Center for substance abuse and addition. 

President Ford’s signature is very bold due to the width of the pen nib.  Mrs. Ford used a finer point pen that skated a bit on the glossy surface of the photograph, so the “B” in “Betty” is lighter than the rest of her signature.  The photo itself has an almost imperceptible handling mark in the lower right corner that keeps the photo from being in extra fine condition.  It is very fine.

Unframed.  Please ask us about custom framing this piece.

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