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Grover Cleveland

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Very nice signed Executive Mansion card,

likely from Cleveland’s first term

Stephen Grover Cleveland, 1837–1908.  Governor of New York, 1883–1884; 22nd President of the United States, 1885–1889; 24th President of the United States, 1893–1897.  4” x 2¾” Executive Mansion card boldly signed Grover Cleveland.

During Cleveland’s two terms as President, Executive Mansion cards appeared in three variants, with executive mansion, / washington. printed at the top center, top left, and top right.  There seems to be some confusion as to where Variant 2 is imprinted, whether at the top left or top right—the leading authority describes and illustrates Variant 2 both ways while saying that Variant 3 is printed at the top right.  Lynne E. Keyes and Stephen Koschal, The History of Collecting Executive Mansion, White House, and The White House Cards Signed by the Presidents and their First Ladies 19, 23–25 (2d ed. 2006).  But Variant 1 was printed at the top center.

This is a Variant 1 card.  It therefore likely dates from Cleveland’s first term.  Furthermore, Cleveland did not date most of the Executive Mansion cards that he signed during his first term, and his signature was generally large during his first term than during his second.  Id. at 18, 29.  Since Cleveland has signed this with a large 3⅛” signature and the card is undated, these additional signs point to this card being from his first term.

Keyes and Koschal also say that a smaller Executive Mansion card, one about the size of this one, appeared during Cleveland’s second term.  Id. at 30.  The smaller card that they illustrate is, however, imprinted at the top right.  This card is instead imprinted at the top center.  But it is not quite square, so it is possible that the right end has been trimmed, making it slightly shorter than the usual size Executive Mansions cards. 

This card is in fine condition.  It is bright, with only slight soiling, which is not as apparent in hand as the scan below suggests, and a small foxing spot in the blank lower right corner.  Cleveland has signed in black.

Unframed.  Please ask us about custom framing this piece.

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