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Magnificent set of matching The White House cards signed by all three Trumans

Harry S. Truman, 1884–1972.  33rd President of the United States, 1945–1953.  Elizabeth Virginia ("Bess") Wallace Truman, 1885–1982.  First Lady of the United States, 1945–1953.  Mary Margaret Truman Daniel, 1924–2008.  Author; daughter of President and Mrs. Harry S. Truman.

This is a rare and beautiful set of matching The White House cards signed by the three members of the Truman family.  We have concentrated our own private collection on Truman material for some 30 years, and this is the first full set of Truman The White House cards that we have ever seen offered.  Each card is bright and crisp, and each bears a bold, black fountain pen signature, Harry S. Truman, Bess W. Truman, and Margaret Truman, respectively.

As the photograph below illustrates, the Truman family enjoyed each otherʼs company.  Harry first met Bess in Sunday school when he was six years old, and he was smitten.  “She had golden curls and . . . beautiful blue eyes,” he recalled.  Although they graduated together from Independence, Missouri, High School in 1901, they went their separate ways until 1910, when Harry, visiting his cousins across the street from the Wallace home, volunteered to return a cake plate to Mrs. Wallace, and Bess answered the door.  That began a courtship that lasted for years.  Finally Bess told Harry that if she married anyone, it would be him.  She suggested that they get married before Harry joined the Army and was sent to France during World War I, but he refused—insisting that she should not tie herself to a man who might come home an invalid or might not return at all.  Once he returned from the war, however, they were married at Trinity Episcopal Church in Independence on June 28, 1919. 

Their only child, named Mary Margaret, whom the President called “Margie" or “Miss Skinny,” was born in 1924.  She pursued a career as a concert soprano before she married Clifton Daniel of The New York Times, at the same Trinity Episcopal Church, in 1956.  She later became an accomplished, best-selling author in her own right.

President and Mrs. Truman were married more than 53 years, until he died on December 26, 1972, at age 88.  She lived another 10 years and, after she died on October 18, 1982, was buried alongside him in the courtyard of the Truman Library.  Clifton Daniel died in 2000, and Margaret died at age 83 in 2008.  They, too, are buried in the Truman Library courtyard.  

These cards are outstanding examples.  President Truman's card has a very small soiling spot on the back side, which we note for the sake of accuracy, and thus is in very fine condition.  Bess's and Margaret's cards are extra fine.

These would be magnificent in a framed display.

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