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William Green

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During the Great Depression, the union leader asks a correspondent to consider his views

in relation to your proposal that artisans voluntarily announce the acceptance of a reduction in wages.

William Green, 1873-1952.  President, American Federation of Labor, 1924-1952.  Typed Letter Signed, Wm Green, one page, quarto, on stationery of the American Federation of Labor, Washington, D.C., September 9, 1931. 

In the dark days of the Great Depression, and with Prohibition still in force, Green responds to Wall Street financier S. R. Bertron.  He replies to Bertron's suggestion that union artisans voluntarily reduce their pay, and he adds that labor supports modifying  the law to permit brewing beer.  He writes:  "It occurs to me that I can answer in a very large way the points raised in your letter . . . by enclosing a copy of a letter which I received from Professor Fisher and a copy of my reply thereto.  /  I wish you to read this correspondence and consider it in relation to your proposal that artisans voluntarily announce the acceptance of a reduction in wages."  Addressing Prohibition, he says:  “Representatives of labor in New York State are and have been presenting a proposal to Governor [Franklin D.] Roosevelt and the leaders of the New York State Legislature to be introduced and passed declaring in favor of the modification of the Volstead Act so as to provide for the manufacture of beer."  He concludes by saying that “I appreciate your letter and I value your suggestions very highly."

Green has boldly signed the letter in black.  The letter is somewhat toned around the edges and shows some handling.  It has some small  foxing spots at the upper left and normal mailing folds, which do not affect the signature.  Overall it is in fine condition. 



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