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Gerald R. Ford

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Photograph of President Ford with a large 4¼” inscription and signature

Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr., born Leslie Lynch King, Jr., 1913–2006.  38th President of the United States, 19741977.  7⅞” x 10” color portrait photograph boldly inscribed and signed Best regards, / Gerald R. Ford.

This is a nice color photo depicting the former President, glasses in hand, standing behind a chair with the American flag at his right shoulder.  Ford has inscribed and signed in black felt-tip with a bold 2¾” signature in the blank white margin beneath his image. Together, the inscription and signature measure 4¼” across. 

Eulogies at the time of his death praised Ford for his honesty and integrity.  His character, which he displayed in his role as the Republican minority leader in the House of Representatives, guaranteed his confirmation as Vice President when President Richard Nixon nominated him following the resignation of disgraced Vice President Spiro T. Agnew.  Both the Senate and the House of Representatives confirmed him by overwhelming majorities—by votes of 92–3 in the Senate and 387–35 in the House.   

Nixon appointed Ford to be Vice President in December 1973.  He was the first Vice President appointed under the 25th Amendment, which provides for the President to appoint a Vice President when the vice presidency is vacant..  Nine months later, Ford became President on August 9, 1974, when Nixon resigned.  He remains the only President who was not elected neither as President or Vice President. 

This color bookweight lithograph is in fine condition and would be excellent for display.  Ford has not inscribed it to anyone in particular.  The photo has a light pencil note on the back, and there are handling marks that are not particularly noticeable unless the piece is turned just right in the light.  The photo comes with a plastic card certificate of authenticity from Autograph Authentix, whose sticker with the authentication number are on both the card and the back of the photograph.  We put no stock in the opinions of third-party authenticators, but this photo—as does all autograph material that we sell—also comes with our own money-back guarantee of authenticity, without time limit, to the original purchaser.

Unframed.  Please ask us about custom framing this piece.

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