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George H. W. Bush

Color portrait of President Bush in the Oval Office, almost certainly signed as President 

George Herbert Walker Bush, 1924–2018.  41st President of the United States.  8” x 10” color portrait photograph signed Best wishes, George Bush.

This photograph, which shows a relaxed President Bush from the left with his arms resting on the desk and the American flag in the background, was almost certainly signed as President.  The back stamp says that this is an official White House photograph taken January 11, 1990, by White House photographer David Valdez (1949–), whose initials appear in the back stamp.  The background shows that Bush was seated at his desk in the Oval Office for this photo, as the Bush Library’s archives confirm.

Bush served eight years as Vice President under Ronald Reagan before he was elected to the presidency himself in 1988.  He was President one term, 1989–1993.  This photo was taken nine days short of a year into his term.

This is a beautiful photo in extra fine condition.  Bush has inscribed and signed it in bright blue felt-tip pen.  Without an inscription to any particular person, it is perfect for framing for display.

Unframed.  Click here for information about custom framing this piece.

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