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Neil Armstrong

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The ultimate space autograph:

An uninscribed, signed photo of Armstrong in his Apollo XI spacesuit

Neil Alden Armstrong, 19302012.  American astronaut; first man on the moon.  8" x 10" color photograph signed Neil Armstrong.

Uninscribed portraits of Armstrong in his Apollo XI spacesuit remain the Holy Grail of space autographs.  This is an official NASA lithograph of Armstrong, standing with his helmet before an image of a full moon.  This particular smiling pose and a similar one in which Armstrong has a more somber expression apparently were made at the same time.  These remain consistently the most desirable and the most popular among collectors.

Our recent survey of auction results shows that photographs such as this one, which Armstrong merely signed and did not inscribe to a particular person, are worth more than twice as much as inscribed copies of this photograph.  Inscribed ones brought an average of 55% less than uninscribed ones.

NASAʼs imprints identifying Armstrong appear in the bottom margin on the front and in the center of the back of this photo.  Armstrong has signed in blue felt-tip pen across a white area of the spacesuit.  The signature is a bit light but nevertheless is nicely readable and contrasts well with the white background.  There are a few vertical creases, notably above Armstrongʼs head and through his helmet, but these do not affect the signature and are not particularly apparent unless the light strikes the photo just right.  Overall the photograph is in fine condition.

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