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Friedrich Wilhelm III

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Ornate military appointment, with a beautiful Hohenzollern blind stamp,

in which the Prussian king promotes an infantry soldier to Captain and Company Chief

Friedrich Wilhelm III, 17701840.  King of Prussia, 17971840.  Partially printed Document Signed, Friedrich Wilhelm, three pages (including attached integral leaf), 8¾” x 14”, Berlin, [Prussia], October 24, 1830.  In German.

In this ornate document, which has never been offered on the autograph market before, King Friedrich Wilhelm III promotes Ernst Knorr to the rank of captain and company chief in the 36th Infantry Regiment (4th Reserve Regiment).  The document has a beautifully detailed Hohenzollern seal blind stamped on the third page beneath the King’s 2½” signature.

Friedrich Wilhelm III ruled Prussia during the Napoleonic wars.  Although he tried to remain neutral, eventually he joined the fray.  At the Battle of Jena-Auerstädt on October 14, 1806, the French decisively defeated the Prussian forces under Friedrich Wilhelm's command, subjugating Prussia to France until the Sixth Coalition formed in 1812.  After Napoleonʼs eventual defeat, Friedrich Wilhelm's ministers succeeded at the 1814–1815 Congress of Vienna in regaining much of the territory that Prussia had lost to France, plus 40% of Saxony and much of Westphalia. 

This document comes from a descendant of the original recipient.  It is one of several that we are privileged to sell from this family archive.  It has two horizontal and two vertical mailing folds, one of which barely touches the first letter of the Kingʼs signature.  A circular half-thaler revenue stamp is at the top left corner of the first page.  The top and bottom edges show several small wrinkles and short vertical tears affecting both the front and integral leaves, with light toning at the top of the front page.  Overall the document is in fine condition.


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