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Gerald R. Ford

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Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr., 1913-2006.  38th President of the United States, 1974-1977.  Excellent content Typed Letter Signed, Jerry Ford, one page, 8" x 10½", on stationery of the Congress of the United States, Office of the Minority Leader, House of Representatives, Washington, D.C., April 19, 1965. 

Ford comments to a constituent on the need for personal responsibility.  Thanking him for a newspaper clipping, he writes:  “News articles of this nature do concern all of us and point up the necessity of considering civil responsibilities as well as civil rights.  /  It has long seemed to me that our society, including certain courts and judges, is putting far too much emphasis on individual rights at the expense of individual responsibility.  We are not going to solve these social problems by passing more laws or increasing police protection.  Both of these are necessary, but solution will come only when all individuals are willing to assume a greater degree of responsibility toward their neighbor and their community."

As a congressman, Ford was critical of the Supreme Court under Chief Justice Earl Warren, which increased constitutional protections for criminal defendants, and which Republicans blamed for increased metropolitan crime and racial unrest.  “How long,” he asked, “are we going to abdicate law and order—the backbone of any civilization—in favor of a soft social theory that the man who heaves a brick through your window or tosses a fire bomb into your car is simply the misunderstood and underprivileged product of a broken home?"  In 1970, Ford led the effort to impeach stalwart liberal Justice William O. Douglas.

This is outstanding philosophical content by Ford, who has signed this letter in blue ballpoint.  The letter shows handling and some soiling, and there are a couple of small stains at the right margin well removed from the text and signature.  Overall the letter is very good to fine. 




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