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Louis D. Brandeis

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Louis Dembitz Brandeis, 1856-1941.  Associate Justice, United States Supreme Court, 1916-1939.  Beautiful bold Autograph Letter Signed as Justice, Louis D. Brandeis, 6" x 9", on Brandeis Stoneleigh Court apartments engraved stationery, Washington, D.C., July 10, 1918.

Brandeis, an ardent Zionist, writes in obvious delight about an economic study of Palestine.  He says:  Let me congratulate you and the cause on your excellent paper on the Economic Possibilities of Palestine. Nellie Straus, to whom he wrote, published both Economic Possibilities of Palestine and Agricultural Possibilities of Palestine in 1918.

Brandeis, who had a major impact on the American branch of the Zionist movement, did more than anyone to change American Jewish attitude toward establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.  Before World War I, many American Jews believed that they would be accused of disloyalty to the United States if they called for a Jewish homeland in Palestine.  Brandeis disagreed.  "The highest Jewish ideals are essentially American in a very important particular, he said. "It is Democracy that Zionism represents. It is Social Justice which Zionism represents, and every bit of that is the American ideal of the twentieth century.

Brandeis became interested with Zionism in 1910 when he learned that his uncle, Louis Dembitz, for whom he was named, had been a Zionist.  Three years later, he agreed to chair a Zionist meeting in Boston, where he practiced law. By 1915 he was a leading voice among American Zionists.  During World War I, Brandeis chaired the American Provisional Executive Committee for General Zionist Affairs, which raised millions of dollars to aid Jews who were suffering throughout Europe, and the United States thus became the financial center for the world Zionist movement.

This letter thus has an outstanding association.  Brandeis has boldly penned it in black fountain pen.  The letter has horizontal and vertical mailing folds, a bit of toning, and some stray ink splatters, but it is in very fine condition overall.




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