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1939 Supreme Court

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We created this beautiful piece specially for a client.  It consists of nine virtually identical engraved Supreme Court cards, each signed by a member of the 1939 United States Supreme Court:

•  Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes

•  Associate Justice James C. McReynolds

•  Associate Justice Pierce Butler

•  Associate Justice Harlan Fiske Stone

•  Associate Justice Owen J. Roberts

•  Associate Justice Hugo L. Black

•  Associate Justice Stanley F. Reed

•  Associate Justice Felix Frankfurter

•  Associate Justice William O. Douglas

This Court had the distinction of having two Chief Justices among its members.  President Franklin D. Roosevelt appointed Justice Stone to succeed the retiring Chief Justice Hughes in 1941.  The newest member of this Court, Justice William O. Douglas, who was himself appointed in 1939, would become the Court's longest serving member.  He served more than 36 years until he retired in 1975.

In many ways, 1939 was a watershed year. The United States emerged from the throes of the Great Depression, Americans enjoyed such movie classics as Gone with the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and World War II began in Europe. 

The cards are all in fine to excellent condition.  They are double matted in garnet suede, which suggests the rich color of the velvet drapes behind the Supreme Court bench, along with a Harris & Ewing portrait of the 1939 Court, an inlaid silver wood fillet, and an engraved silver color identification plate listing each justice, the years of his birth and death, and the years that he served on the Court.  It is framed in an ornate black and silver wood frame.



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