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Richard M. Nixon

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Richard Milhous Nixon, 1913-1994.  37th President of the United States.  Typed Letter Signed, Dick Nixon, one page, quarto, on stationery of the Office of the Vice President, Washington [D.C.], August 6, 1956.

Nixon, looking toward reelection as Dwight D. Eisenhower's Vice President in 1956, writes to a supporter.  In full:  “This is just a note to tell you how deeply I appreciated the action by the Indiana Delegates and Alternates at your organization caucus on July 26.  /  I am sure you realize how much such an expression of confidence and support means in the light of some of the recent political developments.

Nixon likely was referring to a vote of confidence for the Eisenhower administration in view of political developments in the Middle East.  On the very day of the caucus that Nixon mentions, July 26, 1956, Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal Company, the company that operated the Suez Canal, taking it away from the British and French investors who owned it.  Nasser nationalized the canal operation in order to raise money to build the Aswan High Dam on the Nile River, a project that the United States and Britain had agreed to help fund but from which they later withdrew their support after Egypt bought tanks from Czechoslavakia, a Soviet bloc country, and extended diplomatic recognition to the Peoples Republic of China.  Between July and October 1956, the United States sought to reduce tensions.  Ultimately the American efforts were unsuccessful, and, in late October, Israel invaded Egypt.  British and French troops followed, ostensibly to separate the warring countries, but in reality to take over the canal.

This letter is in very fine condition, with a single mailing fold that does not affect the signature and a few scattered wrinkles from handling.  Nixon has signed boldly in black.




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