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Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler, 1889-1945.  Führer and Reich Chancellor of Nazi Germany, 1933-1945.  Rare World War II-dated Document Signed, Adolf Hitler, one page, 8" x 11¾, Führer Headquarters, February 8, 1941.  In German, with translation.

In this document, Hitler approves the marriage of a Nazi soldier to a Dutch woman.

This is the first document of this type that we have ever seen, and our research has not disclosed another one.  It is unclear why Hitler had to have to approve this marriage. Under the SS Engagement and Marriage Order of December 31, 1931, SS members could marry only women who met the same requirements as to health, descent, and ideological background as the SS men themselves.  The Nuremburg Race Laws of 1935 forbade Jews to marry or have sexual relations with Aryans.  This document does not relate to the SS, however, but to the German armed forces, the Wehrmacht.  Furthermore, it says nothing about either party being Jewish.

Interestingly, Hitler signed this document on the same day that the chief propogandist for the Dutch Nazi Party, Max Blokzijl, began airing Nazi propaganda on Dutch radio. 

This document bears a large blind-embossed Nazi eagle seal.  Hitler has signed with a nice fountain pen signature. The document shows some wrinkling wear, but overall it is in fine condition.

We reject Nazism and all that it represented.  We nevertheless offer this document because Nazism, although despised, played a large role in the history of the 20th Century.


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