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Gerald R. Ford

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Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr., 1913-2006.  38th President of the United States, 1974-1977.  Extra fine condition Typed Letter Signed, Jerry, one page, 7¼" x 10½", on gold-embossed personal stationery, [no place], November 9, 1984.

Three days after Ronald Reagan was reelected President, former President Ford invites Congressman William Natcher to attend the American Enterprise Institute's annual Public Policy Dinner, a "nonpartisan" event at which the guest of honor was to be Reagan's future failed Supreme Court nominee, Judge Robert H. Bork of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

It is interesting that Ford touted the dinner as “nonpartisan,” given the lightning rod that Bork became when Reagan nominated him for appointment to the Supreme Court in 1987.  Bork's nomination sparked an intensely partisan debate in the Senate.  Bork drew fire for his candor, including his criticism of the reasoning underlying Roe v. Wade.  On October 23, 1987, by a 58-42 vote, the Senate refused to confirm him.  The vacant seat on the Supreme Court eventually went to Justice Anthony Kennedy.

This letter is in extra fine condition.  Ford has signed it boldly in black and has corrected the salutation from “Congressman Natcher" to “Bill" by hand.  The letter has only normal mailing folds, which do not affect either the signature or the handwritten correction.



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