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Douglas MacArthur

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Douglas MacArthur, 1880-1964.  General of the Army.  Large 11" x 14" black-and-white portrait photograph of MacArthur inscribed and signed, To Miss Wright - with regard - Douglas MacArthur.

This vintage photograph has outstanding provenance.  It comes from a collection originally assembled by Rosemary E. Wright (1890-1969), who spent some 35 years working for the Army, ultimately as Chief of the Army General Staff Assignment Section, before she retired in November 1953.  Miss Wright handled all of the administrative work relating to officers assigned to the General Staff.  She knew all of them—well enough to call Dwight D. Eisenhower “Ike,” George S. Patton, Jr., “Georgie,” and Jonathan Wainwright “Skinny."  She wrote of her years with the Army in The Generals Call Me “Mom,” which appeared in the March 15, 1952, edition of Collier's magazine.

According to that article, MacArthur gave Miss Wright this photograph on October 1, 1935, his last day as the Army Chief of Staff.  This photograph shows MacArthur in the uniform of a four-star general, his temporary  rank as Chief of Staff from November 21, 1930, to that day.

We could not scan this entire photograph because of its size.  The image measures 7" x 9¾" and is surrounded by a wide white border, on which MacArthur has signed, making the overall size 11" x 14".  The border has some creases, and there are stains in the upper left.  Except for two creases that affect MacArthur's signature, those defects could all be matted out if the photograph were framed.  There are also some small blemishes in the dark portion of the image itself, as shown on the scan at left.  Overall the photograph is in very good to fine condition and is a desirable piece, particularly given its provenance.



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