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Grace Coolidge

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Mrs. Coolidge, still a fairly new widow, writes of a local boy

who wanted to part his hair like President Coolidge

Grace Anna Goodhue Coolidge, 1879–1957. First Lady of the United States, 1923–1929. Autograph Letter Signed, Grace Coolidge, three pages, with integral leaf attached, 5⅜” x 6¾”, on plain stationery, Northampton, Massachusetts, January 22, 1934.  

A widow for just over a year, Mrs. Coolidge poignantly relates an anecdote about a local boy who wanted to part his hair like President Calvin Coolidge did.  She writes, in full:  “Thank you for your kind thought in sending me the story of the small boy who sat behind you at the showing of Alice in Wonderland.  /  A short time ago, a woman here in Northampton was telling me of her young grandson who considers neckties superfluous and a parting in the hair unnecessary.  Not long ago, he was preparing to go to a supper at the church.  A member of the household was supervising his toilet.  She suggested a part in his hair and asked him which side he parted it.  ‘Wait a minute,’ he replied and ran into the living-room to look at a photograph of Mr. Coolidge.  Returning, he pointed to the left side of his head and said, ‘That’s the side.’ / Thank you for all your good wishes—I ‘wish you the same’.  /  Sincerely . . . ”

This letter has a nice connection, mentioning as it does the President, and is a beautiful example of Mrs. Coolidge’s holograph.  She has written and signed this letter in brown fountain pen, perhaps black that has faded to brown over time.  Mrs. Coolidge has written on the fronts of both the front and integral leaves and has finished the letter by turning the stationery and writing the third page, where she has signed, vertically on the back of the front leaf. 

The stationery is not toned; it has an elegant tiny tan check pattern.  The letter has one flattened horizontal mailing fold, which touches some of the text and goes vertically through the “G” in “Grace” in the signature, and a couple of other flattened folds that are almost unnoticeable.  There are old dealer pencil notes in the upper right corner of the third page and the upper left corner of the back of the integral leaf.  There are some handling marks and two spots in blank corners of the second page where the paper surface has been pulled away, presumably due to removal of tape used to mount the letter in an album or in old framing.  The letter is in fine condition.

The letter comes with an authentication certification by psa/dna.  We put no stock in the opinions of third-party authenticators, but we pass the certification along because it accompanied the letter when we acquired it.  As does all autograph material that we sell, this letter comes with our own money-back guarantee of authenticity, without time limit, to the original purchaser.


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