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Franklin D. Roosevelt

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“ . . . I desire . . . to assure you and your friends and co-workers

of my personal appreciatio[n] of the confidence in my leadership . . . .”

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1882–1945.  32nd President of the United States, 1933–1945.  Typed Letter Signed, Franklin D. Roosevelt, one page, with integral leaf attached, 7” x 7¾”, on engraved stationery of The White House, Washington, [D.C.], April 20, 1936.

The President, eyeing reelection, sends thanks for the backing of a major support group—organized labor.  Writing to a member of the Roosevelt Kentucky Labor Club, FDR says, in full:  “It is indeed encouraging to receive the assurances of support and loyalty which you convey in your telegram of April eighteenth, advising me about the resolutions of endorsement adopted by the representatives of organized labor at their banquet in Louisville.  /  While I prefer to regard your message, first, as a pledge of support to the Administration I desire also to assure you and your friends and co-workers of my personal appreciatio[n] of the confidence in my leadership which your action implies.”

Organized labor was a crucial part of the New Deal coalition that propelled Roosevelt to a landslide victory later in 1936.  FDR won 80% of the union vote.  He defeated the Republican candidate, Kansas Governor Alf M. Landon, by winning 60.8% of the popular vote, carrying 46 of the 48 states, and capturing 523 electoral votes to Landon’s 8.  Landon did not even carry his home state; he won only Vermont and Maine.  Roosevelt’s reelection in 1936 remains the most lopsided win in American presidential history.

This letter has a magnificent bold 3¾” signature by Roosevelt.  His black ink has faded to dark brown from prior framing.  The White House stationery has one normal flattened mailing fold and is uniformly toned.  It has been skillfully trimmed from the slightly larger original size for the framing.  There are tiny lines of old mounting tape at the top edge of the back of the integral leaf, which we mentioned for the sake of completeness.  Overall the letter is in fine condition.

This is a nice letter showing Roosevelt at work on politics.  It would be an excellent addition to any Roosevelt or presidential collection.

Unframed.    Please ask us about custom framing this piece.


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