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Clara Barton

Bold, dated signature of Barton on a small card

Clarissa “Clara” Harlowe Barton,  1821–1912.  Nurse and humanitarian; founder of the American Red Cross.  Signature, Clara Barton., on a card dated March 29, 1903, in her hand.

This is a nice signature of Barton in black fountain pen on a 2⅜” x 3⅜” gilt-edged, beveled-edge card. 

After the Civil War, Barton, who had been in charge of the Missing Soldiers Office, was introduced to the Red Cross on a trip to Europe.  Upon her return to the United States, she began a movement to have the federal government recognize the International Committee of the Red Cross.  During the administration of President Chester Arthur, she succeeded.  She became the president of the new American Red Cross.  Its first official meeting was in her apartment in Washington, D.C., on May 21, 1881.  She remained president until 1904, when she resigned at age 83.  She published her autobiography, The Story of My Childhood, in 1907.

This card is in fine condition.  The card has a foxing spot in the blank area above Barton’s last name and a few scattered small stains, none of which touch the handwriting.  There is evidence of mounting traces on the back, along with an old pencil dealer notation.

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