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United States Supreme Court

Circa 1972–1975

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Nice photograph of the Burger Court, circa 1972–1975, boldly signed by the entire Court

Supreme Court of the United States, circa 1972–1975. 

This is a formal portrait of the Supreme Court signed by Chief  Justice Warren E. Burger, Warren E. Burger, and all eight Associate Justices, W O Douglas, Wm J. Brennan, Jr., Potter Stewart, Byron R. White, Thurgood Marshall, Harry A. Blackmun, Lewis F. Powell Jr., and William H. Rehnquist.  The image is a 4” x 6” book weight lithograph of the Court tipped to a 7” x 8¼” mount on which the Justices have signed. 

This photograph bears the autographs of two Chief Justices—the sitting Chief Justice, Burger, and his successor, Rehnquist.  It dates from the period between January 7, 1972, when Rehnquist and Powell took their seats, through November 12, 1975, when Douglas retired.  Because of Douglas’s partial paralysis toward the end of his tenure, the photograph may come from earlier during that period rather than later, although Douglas’s black signature is rather small and cramped.

All of the Justices’ signatures are bold.  Burger and Powell have signed in black felt tip pen; Douglas in black fountain pen; Blackmun in blue fountain pen; Brennan, Marshall, Stewart, and White in blue ballpoint pen; and Rehnquist in black ballpoint pen.

There is a bit of toning to the back of the mount and a tiny, almost unnoticeable ding to the lower right corner.  Overall the piece is very fine.  It would be beautiful in a framed display.


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