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Frederic Remington

Bold signature of the renowned artist of the American Old West

Frederic Sackrider Remington, 1861-1909.  American painter, illustrator, sculptor, and writer.  Bold signature, Frederic Remington, on a 3½” x 4½” card.

This is an outstanding signature of the famed Old West artist.  Remington has signed in brown fountain pen.  The back of the card bears the date August 8, 1892, indicating that Remington signed this card the year he released A Cavalryman’s Breakfast on the Plains.

Remington began his career as an illustrator and gained notoriety for his work for Harperʼs Weekly.  He specialized in art of the American Old West, including the United States Army’s campaigns against the Native American tribes.  As the Old West became more modern, Remingtonʼs artwork morphed from its chronicler to its historian.  “Cowboys,” he said, “are cash with me.”  Turning sculptor, Remington released The Broncho Buster to mixed reviews, but with financial success, in 1895.

Remingtonʼs art remains popular with collectors.  An original cast of The Broncho Buster, which was given to the White House in 1973, has adorned the Oval Office of every President since Richard Nixon.  Even copies of the piece fetch substantial prices.  The Frederic Remington Art Museum offers a digital bronze copy for $8,000.

This card is in fine condition.  Remington’s fountain pen signature is 3¼” long.  The signature has a bit of bleeding that appears under magnification and slight brushing to the “ton” in the last name.  The card has slight toning at the top and bottom edges, light staining on the bottom edge, and a small spot at the lower right, all of which could be matted out if the card were framed.

The signature is perfectly positioned on the card to be framed with a portrait of Remington or a print of one of his works.




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