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Hermann Göring


“In grateful and faithful remembrance of . . . the first time

I met my unforgettable Carin . . .

Hermann Wilhelm Göring, 1893–1946.  Nazi Reichsmarshall; Luftwaffe commander-in-chief.  Biography of Göring signed Hermann G. with an outstanding content inscription by Göring to his former sister-in-law.  The book is accompanied by an original Helmut Kurth photograph of her with Nazi Führer Adolf Hitler.

This small book, entitled Göring, was fällt Ihnen ein! Eine Lebensskizze, or Göring, What Occurs to You! A Life Sketch, was published in Berlin.  Göring, who was second in power in Nazi Germany to only Hitler himself, has beautifully inscribed it in black fountain pen on the front flyleaf to Countess Mary von Rosen, the sister of his beloved first wife, Carin. 

His enduring love for Carin, who had died the previous year, radiates from the 10-line inscription.  Göring writes:  "For Mary!  In faithful and grateful remembrance of the time that I was here with you the first time that I met my unforgettable Carin (Page 39!) and in sincere thankfulness for all kindness and help! Your faithful and loyal brother-in-law Hermann G.  /  Christmas 1932." 

Mary von Rosen (1886–1967) was the wife of Swedish Count Eric von Rosen.  On February 21, 1920, Count von Rosen persuaded Göring, who was then working for a Swedish air transport company, to fly him in a snowstorm from Stockholm to his estate at Rockelstad Castle, some 60 miles southwest.  There Göring met Carin, who was visiting Rockelstad for the weekend.  He immediately fell in love when he saw her come down the stairs.  Although Carin was married and had a child, she and Göring carried on a relationship until she was divorced in 1922.  They then were married on January 3, 1923. 

Thus, on page 39 of this book, to which the inscription refers, is an account of Göring's first meeting with Carin.  Göring has marked it with an exclamation mark, in the same black ink, in the margin:

On a flight through storm and snow he was forced to make an emergency landing on a small lake near the castle "Rockelstad."  In the solitude of this distant world, fate brought him together with the Baroness Karin von Fock, the sister-in-law of the castle owner Count Rosen.

Carin was a passionate Nazi.  The infant Nazi party sought out Göring, whose fame as a World War I aviator and whose contacts with Germany industry made him a prize recruit.  Carin encouraged Göring's deepening involvement with the party.  When Göring was badly injured in the groin while marching alongside Hitler in the failed Beer Hall Putsch in November 1923, Carin transported him to Austria, then on to Italy, and nursed him back to health. 

Carin later died of heart failure on October 17, 1931.  Her death was a serious blow to Göring.  After the Nazis came to power in Germany, Göring built his hunting lodge in the Schorfheide Forest northwest of Berlin, named it Carinhall, and reinterred her body in an elaborate underground mausoleum on the shores of the Wuckersee.  Hitler and other top Nazi officials attended the reinterment ceremony on June 20, 1934.

The book is by Martin H. Sommerfeldt and was published in late 1932 by E. S. Mittler & Son.  It has 60 pages of text and eight photographs, one of Karin and seven showing Göring at various stages in his life, from a 15-year-old mountain climber to his portrait as President of the German Reichstag. 

The book is covered in a pebbled blue cover gilt embossed with a Nazi eagle and swastika motif.  The cover shows some wear, and the spine is slightly faded.  The interior of the book is bright and clean, however, and the binding is tight.  The inscription and signature are in extra fine condition, and overall the book itself is fine.

While we reject Nazism, we offered this book because of its rarity and its historical connection.



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